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Electric glass lifter assembly

Electric glass lifter assembly

Electric glass lifter assembly

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Changchun
Brand Name: liberation
Model Number: 6104015AA01
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Detailed Product Description

  Chinese English Russian Notes
(name)   Electric glass lifter assembly    
(stand)   liberation    
model 6104015AA01      
Country of origin   Changchun    
Matching and axle        
Material Aluminum Iron Copper Steel
Packaging Carton Wooden    

Minimum packaging

The number of

Method of payment TT      
Stock cycle 3day      
Supply 300/m      


No. Product Name Product Drawing No. Packing Number of fit models

1 Red Rock Lion LH 6104-300011

RH 6104-300031 Electric 10 Red Rock Lion

2 Pa Long 507 LH M51-6104015AA01

RH M51-6104020AA01 Electric 10 Pa Long 507

3 Dongfeng Tianlong LH 6104010-C0101

RH 6104020-C0101 electric 10 days Long days Kam

4 Dongfeng 153 LH 61A06-04009

RH 61A06-04010 Electric 10 Dongfeng 153 1290

5 B07 LH 6104009-C62931

RH 6104010-C62931 Electric 10 Dongfeng Duolika B07

6 Shaanxi Automobile DeLong LH 81626406049

RH 81626406050 Electric 10 Delong F3000 180

7 Oman GTL LH H4610140011A0

RH H4610140012A0 Electric 10 Auman GTL

8 ace 700p LH 61AP-02223

RH 61AP-02224 electric 10 ace 700P Chengdu Universiade

9 B07 LH 6104AB24-019

RH 6104AB24-020 Manual 10 Dongfeng Duoli Card B07

10 Shaanxi Automobile DeLong LH 81.62640.6057

RH 81.62640.6058 Manual 10 Shaanxi Auto Delong 180

11 Dongfeng Tianlong LH 6104010-C0110

RH 6104020-C0110 Manual 10 Dongfeng Tianlong

12 J6 LH 6104025AA01 / A

RH 6104030AA01 / A electric 10 FAW J6

13 Valin LH 6104A1-09

RH 6104A1-010 Electric 10 Valin

14 Oman manually change the electric 10 new Fukuda Auman

15 700P manual 10

16 new M3000 DZ15221330058

DZ15221330068 Electric 10 Delong new M3000

17 Golfa LH 81501-7A012

RH 81502-7A012 electric 10 JAC

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