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Oil Pressure Sensor

Oil Pressure Sensor

Oil Pressure Sensor

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Changchun
Brand Name: FAW
Model Number: 3602185-60D
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Detailed Product Description

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Oil Pressure Sensor





model 3602185-60D      
Country of origin   Changchun    
Matching and axle        
Material Aluminum Iron Copper Steel
Packaging Carton Wooden    

Minimum packaging

The number of

Method of payment TT      
Stock cycle 3day      
Supply 300/m      


No. Brand Product Number Category

BMKJ-001 cummins 4921517 Oil pressure

BMKJ-002 cummins 4921519 Oil pressure

BMKJ-003 cummins 4921501 Oil pressure

BMKJ-004 cummins 4921503 oil pressure

BMKJ-005 cummins 4921505 Oil pressure

BMKJ-006 cummins 4921485 Oil pressure

BMKJ-007 cummins 4921487 Oil pressure

BMKJ-008 cummins 4921489 Oil pressure

BMKJ-009 cummins 4921493 Oil pressure

BMKJ-010 cummins 4921495 oil pressure

BMKJ-011 cummins 4921497 Oil pressure

BMKJ-012 cummins 4921499 Oil pressure

BMKJ-013 cummins 4921473 temperature and pressure one

BMKJ-014 cummins 4921475 thermo-pressure one

BMKJ-015 cummins 4921477 temperature and pressure one

BMKJ-016 cummins 4921479 temperature and pressure one

BMKJ-017 cummins 4921483 temperature and pressure one

BMKJ-018 cummins 4928593 Oil pressure

BMKJ-019 cummins 4928594 oil pressure

BMKJ-020 cummins 4921511 oil pressure

BMKJ-021 Dongfeng Tianlong 3611310-E1100 Oil pressure

BMKJ-022 Dongfeng Tianlong


Air pressure

BMKJ-023 Dongfeng Tianlong 4931169 Oil pressure

BMKJ-024 FORD 1839416C91 0267B Oil pressure

BMKJ-025 Dongfeng 153 3846N-010-C1 3976251 Oil pressure

BMKJ-026 cummins 3845N05-010 (3967250) water temperature

BMKJ-027 cummins 4954905 water temperature

BMKJ-028 ECU plug-in chip


Dongfeng Violet 3845N06-010 3979176

The following are the same as the "

Water temperature

BMKJ-30 Yuchai 3846C1-010 oil pressure

BMKJ-31 Cummins 3967252 speed plug

BMKJ-32 Dongfeng Renault D5010437049 oil pressure

BMKJ-33 Dongfeng Renault 36BF4-11015 natural gas pressure

BMKJ-34 Dongfeng Renault D5010412450 water temperature

BMKJ-35 Shaanxi Automobile Delong DZ9718911201 pressure

BMKJ-36 HOWO A7 WG9727710002 / 3 air pressure

BMKJ-37 liberation J6 3757010-61B / B air pressure

BMKJ-38 Auman GTL Changsha H4 H4381070001A0 Pneumatic

BMKJ-39 Hongyan Jie Shi 3800-520518 pressure

BMKJ-40 HOWO 09 VG1092090311 oil pressure

BMKJ - 41 Weichai P10 / P12 100CP2-137 Natural gas pressure

BMKJ-42 large diesel BF4M2012 3602185-A48D oil pressure

BMKJ-43 Jiefang Junwei 3602185-60D oil pressure

BMKJ-44 Ford high pressure 1845274C92 oil pressure

BMKJ-45 Ford high pressure 1830669C92 oil pressure

BMKJ-46 Ford high pressure 1807329C92 oil pressure

BMKJ-47 Weichai 612600061652 double temperature control switch

BMKJ-78 Weichai 612600061653 Double temperature control switch

BMKJ-49 Weichai 612600061654 Double temperature control switch

BMKJ-50 Weichai 612600100171 Double temperature control switch

BMKJ-51 Weichai 612600061515 Double temperature control switch

BMKJ-52 Weichai Delong Auman 612600080875 Oil pressure - temperature alarm

BMKJ-53 Weichai Qing steam Da Wei 612600090503 oil pressure - temperature alarm

BMKJ-54 Weichai Bus 612600090667 Pressure alarm

BMKJ-55 Weichai Delong F3000 612600090755 Pressure alarm

BMKJ-56 Aowei New Granville 3810020-A29D pressure alarm

BMKJ-57 new dawn 612600090771 pressure alarm

BMKJ-58 liberation J6 3602180A607-0000S oil pressure

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